Entrepreneurship is fed by a steady diet of fear, frustration and fuck ups but it is still your shit show. You have to love it.

Ep #192:  Escaping the 9-5 for Millennials, with Hannah Morth

Ep #193:  Coaching Minorities to Realize their Dreams, with Albert Williams

Ep #194:  The Art of Differentiation with David Brier

Ep #195:  Big Voices with Kelly Resendez

Ep #196:  The Referral Dive, Virginia Musquiz

Welcome to Week 38 of The Daily Grind Business Podcast Weekly Summaries. Colin speaks to some of the world’s most insightful and successful people 5 days per week. The goal of this show is simple. To show you how these people think, act and the steps they took to get where they are today to hopefully inspire you to follow in their footsteps.

This show is for people who want to learn, who want to grow and develop and who are willing to lay it on the line and grind for what they want.

Each week the interviewees impart their wisdom by sharing their experiences.

Learn from them. To connect with them and to receive some free information please click on the links below.

There is a common thread with all successful entrepreneurs and that is the importance of investing in both your business and personal growth. So each week we also share with you titles of books that either these entrepreneurs have written or suggested that you read.

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs get started in their businesses so this is why we have compiled weekly notes from our weekly podcasts. The entrepreneurs who so graciously offered their time to be interviewed are passionate about giving back and helping others as we do.

You are not alone!

Week 38

1. Hannah Morth helps ambitious Millennials create,  monetize, and uplevel with ease in their coaching businesses to get them out of their 9 to 5s and into their LIMITLESS lives!

2.In June 2012, Albert Williams acquired Best Deal Private Car Service Inc., based in the North East Bronx with 19 owner-operated cars in its fleet. As President and CEO, he went on to certify the business as a Minority Business Enterprise, increased the company’s revenue to top $1.5 million, added hundreds of new drivers and created a new revenue stream by adding non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) to their line of services.

This serial entrepreneur with a proven ability to grow a business now teaches others through his Mastermind coaching. Albert considers it his responsibility to give back, coaching minorities with entrepreneurial aspirations to realize their dreams.

Albert also hosts the Plan Build Become podcast, interviewing inspiring minority thought leaders to further help his own minority communities.

3. David Brier is an internationally recognized brand expert, rebranding specialist, and author ranked #3 worldwide for branding by Klout. David has the distinction of being presented the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship medallion, presented to those who provide insights to companies, entrepreneurs, and startups for leadership, marketing, entrepreneurial innovation, and branding excellence.

His new book, Brand Intervention: 33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have Into the Brand You Need with a Foreword by Shark Tank investor Daymond John is an Amazon bestseller. David and his work have been featured in ADWEEK, Forbes, INC, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, the New York Times and numerous blogs and podcasts around the world.

4. Kelly Resendez is a mom, business executive, best selling author, and influencer. She loves helping others with strategies to overcome self-sabotage and find more joy. Author of the new and already popular book Big Voices, is also the founder of the movement the book is named for, Big Voices women empowered network.

Kelly is passionate about helping people increase joy, reduce suffering, and learn to think differently. Her own journey has helped her create the strategies and tools that she shares throughout her books. Currently, Kelly is the Executive Vice President of Paramount Partners Group, which is a division of Loan Pal. She uses the same concepts of mindfulness, self-discovery, and goal setting to help those in the mortgage and real estate industries create a successful business.


5. Virginia Musquiz, aka the Referral Diva, is the Owner and Chief Connection Officer at Master Connectors, Inc. and an Executive Director of BNI MidAmerica. She has more than 30 years of experience in teaching six-figure businesses and solopreneurs to build sustainable and profitable companies.

Referrals are built out of relationships, and that requires people to like and trust you. This is why Virginia believes that learning how to create and leverage that social capital is crucial in business building. Her numbers don’t lie – Virginia’s methods grew the contract service division of a nationally-known education franchise from $0 to $2.5 million solely via word of mouth.

Today, Virginia shows over 1400 entrepreneurs how to redirect the time and money spent in non-productive networking into leveraged word-of-mouth strategies that produce measurable improvements in their ROI. She is also the host of the Passion+Purpose = IMPACT podcast, which has been downloaded in over 30 countries.

Here are the key overarching takeaways from Colin’s interviews.

If anything resonates with you, click on the link and listen to the full one-half hour podcast or if you have any questions these entrepreneurs supplied you with their links so you can personally reach out to them.


“I get a lot of my clients from my Facebook group. I post daily and I do weekly Facebook live training sessions.”

“When you are the brand you need to be authentic and not be afraid to show who you really are.”

Thought of the Day:  If you are thinking of starting your own business, then jump in and do it. We all truly deserve to live a dream life.”  By Hannah Morth


“I was a director of a global IT company for 12 years before I started this business. While doing this I owned several companies at the same time. I have always been a computer consultant and I owned a barber shop.”

“The biggest obstacle I faced when I purchased Best Deal Private Car Service Inc. was getting to change the mindsets of the drivers from a cash cash business to being paid at the end of the week by cheque.”

“This industry was usually controlled by Hispanics, so another obstacle I faced was being accepted as an African American.”

“I am a member of a mastermind group and I also have a one-on-one coach/mentor. The experience from both has been invaluable. It makes me accountable. They push you to keep going. They offer different perspectives and ideas.”   By Albert Williams

Thought of the Day:  “Be mindful of what you say to a person.”


“You need to differentiate and you need to know why you need to do this. You differentiate for a reason. Customers are looking for how you are different from your competitors and they want value. If they cannot differentiate you from your competitors then their buying decision will be based on price.”

“Multitasking is detrimental to anyone’s production.”

“Do some amazing stuff to get your business out of obscurity that others are not doing also. Find your unique offering and then you must be consistent.”

Thought of the Day:  “Have a purpose. Just don’t have a job. If you have a purpose to make people’s lives thrive that is a purpose. Having a purpose is answering to yourself.”  By David Brier


Anybody who is looking to build a solid business needs to have a plan.”

“I have learned to find my true authentic self. I was miserable inside although I was successful in business. I found my masculine energy and I found my WHY.”

“Just be present wherever you are. Ask yourself questions. Why am I making this phone call? Why am I committed to this business plan? It allows you to get clear on what you are expecting.”

Thought of the Day:  You have to be intentional about increasing the level of joy into your life. Learn and develop new strategies to overcome self-sabotage.”  By Kelly Resendez


“Networking and referral marketing is not the same thing.”
“When you are networking you are getting the raw material to build relationships to create referrals. Networking is just the first step. That is why networking is not profitable for most entrepreneurs. You go to an event and wonder why you are there in the first place. At this point I add two more steps. Working my network and then networking my network.”
“Get on a podcast if you want to increase your network.”

“If you are a person who delivers a widget don’t you think you should learn about that? Go and get yourself educated.”

“Create good relationships by being a giver. Give first. Give to the givers who give. Don’t give to givers who take.”

Thought of the Day:  “Entrepreneurship is fed by a steady diet of fear, frustration and fuck ups but it is still your shit show… But it is better than punching a time clock.”  By Virginia Musquiz



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